MIDNIGHT ETERNAL (2016 - English Version) - Raine Hilai (Vocals)

Hello Raine. Thank you for taking the time to answer to my questions.

Hi Lionel, thanks for having me! :)

First of all, letís talk about the band which is realizing its first self titled album, playing in the symphonic metal vein. How can you describe the band and tell us what is the difference between you and the other symphonic metal bands? How can you make the difference?

We're a symphonic metal band from the US. Our members have had previous experience in bands like Operatika, Spider Rockets and River Bomma. What characterizes our sound is the sense of melody- a synthesis of melody and power, crushing guitars, double bass and multi-layered vocals. I think there are many things that set us apart from other symphonic metal bands, but we are not constantly focused on being different. We're just trying to make the best music that we can, in the best way possible. I think that is what will make the difference.

Where does the bandís name come from ?

We thought it was a powerful combination of words that really encompassed the feel of the music and what the band is all about. Midnight Eternal is a state of mind. It is deep, mysterious and vulnerable to the danger of venturing to the dark side.

Opening for bands such as Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, Delain, Doro without having realized an album is great. How did you get those opportunities?

I guess we were at the right place at the right time :) There aren't many other symphonic metal bands from our area, I think that was part of the reason we were able to get those opportunities,

The album has just been released. How are the feedbacks from the medias and the first salesí results?

The feedback has been quite good. Of course it's not all good, you can't please everyone! But it seems like the media and also the fans are digging our sound and they understand what we're trying to do. As far as sales go, I don't have all of the information yet but it seems to be going pretty good as well :)

Iíve read that Mike LePond was a part of the beginning of the adventure. He sounds to be the man for your label. I mean, he also worked with Universal Mind Project too.

Mike is such a great guy, he loves music and he loves the scene, and he is willing to help out and lend a hand whenever he can make himself available. He's a busy guy! It was a real pleasure working with him, and yes, he worked with UMP and many other bands we know.

You chose ďSigns Of FireĒ to be your first single / video clip. Why did you pick it up?

That song felt like it had everything in place to be a successful single. It's a bit more straightforward than some of the other tracks on the album, but it's still heavy and has some great instrumental parts. I also hoped that people would connect with the lyrics.

You wrote a big part of the lyrics, how did you worked with Boris to write them. What was your main line / theme for?

Boris and I worked together on some of the lyrics, for some of the songs he basically sent me his version of the lyrics, and I changed or tailored them to my vision. As far as my own lyrics, they deal with the usual stuff - love, death, insanity, history, mythology etc. :)

Letís talk a little bit about you know. You got high vocal lines. Where did you learn singing?

I started taking voice lessons at the age of 10. I had several different voice teachers over the years, and I also majored in Musical Theatre in college, at a New York City conservatory called the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Leaving in New York (or nearby) is such a great deal. What about being a Broadway singer?

I live in Manhattan. Being a Broadway singer is an amazing career choice, but for me symphonic metal was always the dream. I would love to perform on Broadway someday.

Now, back to the future. What are the upcoming plans for the band? Any shows planned?

We hope to be able to announce something soon!

Weíre reaching the end of the interview; feel free to say some words to our readers.

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