BATTLE BEAST (2019 - English Version) - Noora Louhimo (Vocals)

Still have to wait a little month to be able to grab the new record of BATTLE BEAST. But don't worry I can give you some informations right here... Well not me exactly, Noora will give you clues about what's to come through our email interview:

SBM: Hello Noora! How do you feel one month before the release of you fifth album?

Noora Louhimo: Great! Super excited to hear how people react to our new music. We have a lot of shows coming up and I can’t wait to perform the new show to everyone.

Are two years between each record a good timing for the band ? Isn’t it too close?

It’s pretty hectic pace but we’ve done this way since the first album. Too close? It totally depends on who you ask from. Some people are already asking for the next album a year from releasing one. My opinion is that we could even consider a three year pace for a change. In the other hand I’m already thinking about the sixth album among other things.

Can you tell us more about the sense hidden behind the album title? Is it somehow a way to tell people to stop believing blindly in fairy tales and to open their eyes on what the world really is?

That is one way of understanding the title. We try to point out on the song and title that everyone can write their own end to the story of their lives and it’s not necessarily a romantic Hollywood ending.

Are all the songs related to this concept?

No, it’s not a concept album. There are different real life issues and stories in the album. Issues like bullying, empowerment, hope, hate, love and nostalgia. There are also a couple of fantasy/history related songs.

All songs are really different. Some powerful and epic like “Raise Your Fists”, “The Hero”, some smoother such as “Endless Summer”, “I Wish”, and some are more than awesome: “Eden” and “Unfairy Tales”.
Anyway, it seems you had the will to experiment more on this record and go beyond “classic heavy metal”. How have you approached the creation of the album as a band?

The songs were written in different circumstances, places and mindsets. In the end our goal is to give people a great musical experience as well as make people think and talk.

Musically speaking we have some orchestrations, some old school keyboards (“The Hero”), heavy riffs (“Raise Your Fists”) or fast riffs (“The Golden Horde”) etc… It’s really rich and varied. Have you, once, been afraid of being too much varied and maybe losing your musical identity in it?

Nope (Laugh). It’s the brand of Battle Beast.

I have to admit that I really discovered the band with this album. And I was really amazed by your talent. You can be really powerful and yet totally melodic. For example the work you’ve done on “Piece of Me” is mind blowing!

Thank you! Hard work is sometimes rewarded. For me the most important thing in the vocals is that emotion and story come through to the audience. I truly mean what I sing.

It’s quite refreshing to have this kind of vocalist. Usually bands use female vocalists to do lyrical/opera or grunting. It feels nice to have these heavy/hard rock vocals with so many grooves in it.

I agree. But vocals should always be one of the instruments: if it requires opera, growling or clean sounds, then it should be the way. One way is to mix all these ingredients together.

Do you adapt your voice to the music or is music written for you?

The songs are written to my voice. I also get to influence the melodies, lyrics and vocal sounds to fit better with my voice.

Your huge tour to come will start the day the album will be released. Was it important for you to organize that release party and to start the tour this way?

We have Nuclear Blast, Masterevents, Kapanen Production, some great collaborators and a crew behind us making this all possible. I think it’s a great start for the world tour and we will be having the show on March the 22th in Helsinki Ice Hall. (Link at the bottom of the page)

Well good luck! I guess I’ve reached the end. So congratulations for the album! It’s great!
Good luck with the tour, I’ll try to be in Lyon (FR) but I can’t promise. I leave you the final words if you want to conclude or deliver a message to the French fans.

Thank you all so much for your support. You make our dreams come true by coming to our shows, buying our music and merch as well as spreading the word of Battle Beast to your friends. Hope to see you on tour with us rocking the roof off with your horns up!

Thanks for time Noora!

Thank you!

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