BABYMETAL - METAL GALAXY (English version) / BMR 2019

It’s been a long time but there it is. After a short teaser last year, followed by Yuimetal quitting the band, BABYMETAL quietly took a step back. During 2019 the band released several songs and finally, on october 11th 2019, it’s time to take off to the “Metal Galaxy”.
First of all, I’d like to remind people that this review has been done for open minded people that are able to accept differences and not freely spit their frustration because throwing shit well hidden behind the screen is “in”.

That being said, I fasten my seat belt and take off for a rich and strange voyage. Duality is apparently the core of the concept. A Sun edition, a Moon edition (one plus one equals two [Explanation for morons], two members but also two discs of eight tracks each (for the collector editions). The shadow of equilibrium is floating above the record, but that’s not quite evident at the end.

FUTURE METAL: Heavy riff, SF keyboards and a clear message: “Please fasten your neckbrace to headbang”… Oh man I feel like I’m gonna enjoy my trip! A few orchestrations and choirs end the introduction. Immediate take off.

DA DA DANCE: Quickly approaching the speed of light with a straight-up powerful track that could have been on the first record. Deeply rousing, the track honors its name: Sure as hell you’ll move along and headbang your brain out! Tok Matsumoto (from B’Z), the first guest, joins the Kami band for a skilled guitar solo. What a departure!!

Elevator Girl: Already broadcast early, quite unusual, the song is calmer, with a piano a lightly electronic voice on a jazzy music . All these elements are facing distortion, heaviness and a pop refrain. It is the second song mostly sung in English.

Shanti Shanti Shanti: Charming track coming from India, carried by a beautiful sitar perfectly matching Su-Metal and Moa-Metal vocals. Truly melodic and powerful, this song will have a tremendous impact on the fans. Chanting and dancing is all you’ll be able to do during the song. A perfect alchemy that overrides “Uki Uki Midnight”, so in a word: Masterpiece!

Oh! MAJINAI: I really didn’t know how you could add Joakim Broden to the BABYMETAL universe. I was expecting some power metal vibes like there were on “Metal Resistance”. Aaand no. It’s the exact opposite! A Korpiklaani/Alestorm-like folk anthem with accordions and violins, huge fat guitars and our favorite Swedish guy singing in Japanese. A total blast that fits perfectly with a beer.

Brand New Day: Less brutal, kinda progressive rock moment, that piece is just beautiful. Suzuka’s vocal lines are perfect, almost written to make you cry (at least for me). Musically more accessible, everything is perfectly in place to deliver a peaceful emotion. As guests, Tim Henson and Scott LePage from Polyphia show their incredible talent. Breathtaking! Majestic!

↑↓←→BBAB : First bonus track, dedication to the gamers! Naturally you’ll hear some electronic vibes, a few 8-bits keyboard effect, music goes in every direction and I’m stunned by the composer’s creativity. It’s harder to get into it but it’s still a good one!

Night Night Burn!: We’re flying to Hispanic lands right before the break. “Olé” as they say. The track is closing loop process by being as dancing and rousing as “DA DA DANCE”. Trumpets bring true salsa vibes, blending with magic to the overload guitars, showing, one more time that the band has no boundaries.

We’re now halfway there and I’m so into it. The band is respecting the concept of travelling; not only into metal but in music in general. Eight titles, eight universes, eight delightful moments.
Let’s see what the trip back will bring us.

IN THE NAME OF: New intro, appropriately introducing a new chapter: be prepared for some turbulence. It starts in a formal way, with religious choirs and sweet orchestrations but then calm turns into a storm, as powerful as a neutron star. Metallic percussion mixed with death metal riffs clearly evoke “Roots” from Sepultura. Oh My God what a slap in the face!!

Distorsion: First track that been available to listen by the entire world more than a year ago. Alissa White Gluz lends her voice to a track that would have found its place on an Arch Enemy record. Devastation blasts with deep growling vocals (that’s where the neckbrace is useful) create a strong, powerful song, heavy as hell! A perfect match with the intro.

PA PA YA !!: Thai rapper F-HERO closes the guest list. The song is a clever blend of electro, hip-hop, pop, metal. Only a few people in the world are able to combine so many elements to create something balanced, efficient and unique. BABYMETAL just did it with so much energy that you’ll be able to lift mountains.

BxMxC: Second bonus track, psychedelic and very electronic, the synthesized voices of Yu-Metal and Moa-Metal are impressive. The song is almost djent metal and mainly reminds me, in the spirit, of Fear Factory. Very technical stuff, mechanical and cold, it’ pure madness and pleasure!

Kagerou: More heavy rock oriented, quite groovy, the band is preparing the landing. The title is sweet with a lot of ideas, proving, if it were necessary, that English is magic and intoxicating.

Starlight/Shine/Arkadia: These three songs are called “The trilogy of light”. “Starlight”, very light with its children choirs and heavy rhythms, offer an interesting contrast, even if sweetness is the core of the song. “Shine” brings us higher with some… space sounds, acoustic guitar and calm. It reminds me of “The One” from “Metal Resistance”. I suppose they’re cooling things down to bring serenity. But in fact that’s not the case because “Arkadia” brings a speed power metal slap just like “Road of Resistance” did some years ago. Finally back to the basics after touring the galaxy.

I didn’t know what to expect with this record. How can you anticipate the music of an entity that has no boundaries and huge creativity? In the end, this “Metal Galaxy” is an excellent surprise, that seal the talent of the band in stone. Musically remarkable and beyond any limits, BABYMETAL strikes hard. Really Hard. And the tour will sure as hell follow the same path!
Critique : SBM
Note : 10/10
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