Europe vient de mettre en ligne le clip vidéo du titre TURN TO DUST issu de leur dernier album en date Walk The Earth.

Le communiqué du groupe à propos de cette chanson:

Here we have Joey with more details…..

“This song idea has been brewing for over ten years. When recording our latest album, WALK THE EARTH, in Abbey Road Studios, the inspiration finally kicked in to finish it. Originally an idea and labour of love of Mic Michaeli’s, the video was meant to touch on emotions and observations related to the Life and Death of your near and dear ones, the circle of life if you will, but it turned out to be much more than that as it follows the dramatic journey of the character taken from the artwork on our album cover. Working with Craig Hooper and his animation team was a real pleasure, and after seeing their work on Deep Purple’s ‘The Surprising’, we knew we were dealing with true visionaries. We’re very proud of the result, especially since it’s our first ever animated video.”

As director Craig Hooper continues, “A video like this is a very difficult thing to get right. The song is layered with emotion and meaning and to capture that in images is tricky to say the least. The band decided the only way to do the song justice was through animation, where images are limited only by your imagination and together we roughed out a treatment. I then took that to Pete Rogers and Helen Pooler at Bait Studio in Cardiff, Wales, who are amongst the best in the world at this kind of thing and we’d already worked with them before for a video for Deep Purple. They brought on board artist Matt Rooke, who immediately ‘got it,' and between them they gave life to these ideas and images. It wasn’t until the final frame was finished that we saw we had produced something special, something that I hope does a good enough job of representing such an amazing and heartfelt song. That’s up to viewers to decide."
Hope you all like it!
Let us know what you think ….
Par Lionel le 11-4-2019
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody
Le nouveau groupe de Luca Turilli et Fabio Lione "Turilli / Lione Rhapsody" vient de dévoiler le nom de son premier album: "Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)".

Voici le communiqué :

"We did it. Our debut album is finally ready and we are really proud to reveal its title: ZERO GRAVITY (REBIRTH AND EVOLUTION), the right title to open the new artistic chapter leading the Rhapsody sound to new frontiers.
So many emotions involved while writing the intense lyrics and while recording one of Fabio’s best and most various vocal performance ever. Thanks to our friend and engineer Simone ZERO GRAVITY will feature the most powerful and metallic sound we could ever think of and we are really looking forward to presenting the new songs to the world!"
Par Lionel le 11-4-2019
C'est maintenant officiel. Aprés plus de deux ans de tournée avec le groupe Kamelot, Alex Landenburg (Cyhra, LT's Rhapsody, Stratovarius...) est maintenant le batteur attitré des américains de Kamelot.
Il continue toujours à faire partie de Cyhra.
Par Lionel le 10-4-2019
Myrath vient de mettre en ligne le nouveau single issu de son prochain album "Shehili" qui sortira le 3 mai via Verycords.
Ce dernier se nomme Born To Survive:
Par Lionel le 5-4-2019
Sidilarsen vient de dévoiler le premier single de son prochain album ON VA TOUS CREVER dont la sortie est annoncée pour le 26 avril chez Verycords.
Il s'agit de A Vif:
Par Lionel le 2-4-2019
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