RHAPSODY (Luca Turilli's) (English version - 2012) - Ale Conti (vocals)

Hi Ale, Glad to make a new interview with you! A lot of things happened since our last meeting. Letís talk about it. First of all, what does represent Luca Turilli for you, I mean before being involved in the band?

Hi Lionel! Itís my pleasure to talk with you again! I can tell you that I'm a fan of rhapsody from the first album... Luca is an icon for an entire kind of music... and he did starting from Italy... it's not an easy thing! Ah ha ha

How did he contact you? Didnít you think that was a joke?

Ha-ha... I received the first e-mail directly from nuclear blast, I checked the address and it was authentic! Ha-ha... It happened when I was on tour with Helloween and Stratovarius, they asked me if I would be interested in a possible collaboration with Luca, you can imagine my answer!

How was the first meeting with all the band members? Iím pretty sure it was amazing because you and they are all nice and funny guys.

Sure! I met Alex (Holzwarth) and Luca during record session in Germany, and I met all band for the first time in Sweden for the video of"dark fate of atlantisĽ... We had a great time together! There was a nice atmosphere... after that Alex left the band and has been replaced by the Alex Landenburg's funny 'cause I was on tour with him the last year and we had a lot of fun! I'm sure this is a great line-up!

The difference between the way youíre singing in Trick or Treat and in Rhapsody is just massive. Did you know you were able to sing that good and in all that different ways?

ha ha! Maybe not! I had the opportunity to express all that I have studied in these years.. It was very satisfying from the artistic way!

How the recording sessions, and what were were the differences between a Trick or Treat and a Rhapsody recording session?

Was very different! With Trick or Treat I sing in my own studio ...recording sessions is very relaxing, perhaps I miss the comparison and advices of a professional musician.. I recorded ęascending to infinity" in 3 weeks.. I sang for 10-12 hours each day.. Sometimes it's not easy to maintain concentration, but is the best way to getting 110 percent!

Same for the video clip: must be impressive; isnít it?

Sure! I knew Owe for his incredible video for Kamelot and the Rasmus. He is a real talent!

In ďLunaĒ you are singing in really surprising and bloody amazing jazzy way.

Thank you! Maybe is the most "lyrical" song of the album, it was great to mix different singing-styles!

My favorite tracks must be ďExcaliburĒ and ďTormento E PassionneĒ for their feelings, atmospheres. But itís hard to choose to be honest. What these songs mean to you?

They are 2 very different song but both important! Excalibur has lots of high-pitched part, and I like it! Tormento e passione is musical-oriented song in Italian.. I find it very original and classic at the same time.. I am sure people will love it!

What is your favorite song in this album?

"ascending to infinity" is a perfect opener, a powerful song! I would make a special mention for "fantasia gotica" thatís not present in the album, but I must say it's a great song.. Sing it gives me Goosebumps!

And in Lucaís solo carrier / Rhapsody of Fire discography?

Thatís a difficult question! I am very attached to Legendary tales.. When I listen to that album I find myself back in '97! haha! I could name Land of immortals or flames of revenge.. But it would be reductive.. I also love the albums with Olaf Hayer, he's a great singer.

Iím really looking forward to the tour and to see you on stage, singing these mighty songs from Rhapsody. Are you scared to sing songs like Emerald Sword or some others?

Itís a great responsibility... I'll do my best!

What about the Helloween cover ďMarch of TimeĒ? I immediately though it was kind of a gift from Luca to thank you for your work. Was it?

Ha-ha itís possible! Luca knows very well my passion for Helloween!

Well, this is the end of the interview. I still have heaps of questions, but Iíll keep them for the new Trick or Treat album. Feel free to conclude and thanks again!

Ok, thank you, greetings to all friends of seigneurs du metal! I hope to see you at the upcoming concerts in France!
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