RHAPSODY (Luca Turilli's) (2012 - English version) - Luca Turilli

What's better than having an interview with the friendly guitar virtuoso Luca Turilli for his brand new band "Rhapsody"...? Ready, Steady, Go!

SBM : Hi Luca! Bungiorno !!

Luca Turilli: Hi buonasera !! (Laugh)

Well I’ll go on in English I guess… (Laugh)
It’s really a great honor for me to have the opportunity to have this interview.
You’re currently promoting “Ascending to Infinity”, the first album of your brand new band. So how do you feel about this new page of your history?

Really excited and you can imagine that my friend… When you start something new, after 10 albums where you wrote one saga, it was something unbelievable, it was a kind of journey, an emotional journey that we were able to bring to an end after 10 albums and it’s something rare for a lot of bands now, and it was something we wanted, even if we were speaking about the split since a lot of time, because there were many problems, it was important for me to end this saga and to close this chapter. So I could have never accept to proceed to the split without finishing the saga, it would be a terrible mistake from an artistic point of view, but of course now, after the saga had ended, it was the creation of the new band Rhapsody and the split, very friendly, between me and Alex.
And I have to say that it’s amazing because you have the possibility of expressing yourself as a composer in a whiter way and say things, in every album, that you want, as a band like Nightwish, every song speaks about something else, you can speak about different things in the same album, and this is just amazing. So for me this new adventure needs also that now that I stopped my parallel career, because I don’t need anymore to make something different, because with Rhapsody, right now, I can do everything I want and “Ascending to Infinity” represents the first step into this direction, so there are songs that speak about different themes or arguments or whatever! (Laugh)

Yeah! And as you said, and you already made an official statement about the split and everything, but Rhapsody of Fire was really your baby and now you’ve created a new band. What do you think now about this decision if you look behind?

Well I can say that in some way, Rhapsody of Fire was really connected to this fantasy world and this way of writing lyrics, making music. We were inspired by typical soundtracks of fantasy movies like Conan so it was very specific. And I would say now that Rhapsody turned into something really different because you don’t have any limits to express yourself and you can write about everything, you can just progress, evolve… So it’s infinite possibilities in front of you, so in a way it’s a kind of evolution of Rhapsody of Fire and I would say also that of course we will be always in love with the albums of the past. I mean that we had the chance to work with Christopher Lee, the most fantastic movie actor in history; we had also the possibility to have a real orchestra which is another amazing step for the band. But I think now that you can enjoy the whole saga listening from the first album to album number ten, enjoying everything like a bit movie. And this is a kind of cycle that started and closed itself after fifteen memorable years and now there is this new step and so things just improve for you… (Laugh)

(Laugh) And talking about that, what was the difference between recording with this new band and Rhapsody of Fire now that Alex is not by your side?

Well you know, on the two latest albums of Rhapsody there were more guitar arrangements so anyway I did work more because everything was more based on the guitars. But I have to say that it’s a paradox because I prefer to start composing a song from the keyboard in general, but not on the latest albums of Rhapsody, “Frozen Tears of Angels” and “From Chaos to Eternity” so the sound is a little bit more direct, more heavy metal. So of course I had to create most of the parts by myself before meeting with Alex, so anyway I worked a little bit more. But in this case it was amazing because, as I told you, I love to compose for keyboards, playing the piano, you know… Chopin and the way he composed, I’m just amazed so I had possibility to write 100% of a Rhapsody album with the same freedom I had to compose my solo albums and it’s just amazing…
And I underline that this is for us the Rhapsody album 11, just to say that people, after the split has been done, don’t have to expect a new solo album from me but a real Rhapsody album and when I say Rhapsody album, I intend that the fundament, the basic is the cinematic element… Because in 1993 I created Rhapsody because I was in love with the soundtracks, with the world of cinema and we made some albums more orchestral, some less orchestral, some more direct like the last two and then I needed to go back to the origins and to really start this new Rhapsody, basing myself completely on the passion for cinema.
And I can tell you that after 20 years, the passion is still there and bigger than ever before, so that’s why, also with Nuclear Blast, we are promoting the new album with the words “cinematic metal”, and you can call it as you want: Hollywood metal, film score metal but in my mind it was always cinematic metal because cinema is the magic word, in Italian, in English, so for me it’s expressing in the best way this kind of music… And also visually, now we have these new generations of videos… And so in the end we really wanted to establish a step upper to the old Rhapsody and this will be possible to enjoy this on tour because we are preparing some visual surprises to the people, not like a normal Rhapsody show and again I underline that we really want to be cinematic in this way too, that’s why we created this “Born to be cinematic” because it’s the philosophy of the new band.
For the recording, you asked me about it, and in general it was really amazing, it was the most intense period of my life, from a working perspective, and not only for me but also for my sound engineer Sebastian Roeder and for everybody of course. For example Dominique Leurquin, I had to ask him to record the rhythmic guitar in ten days because we were late (Laugh). It was unbelievable because I composed the album in four months from September to January and we had to give the master at the end of March or beginning of April. So it’s something like eight months of really intense work, and in the end we had to not sleep for three nights consecutively with the sound engineer because we had dead line to respect, so you can imagine for me, for him, also for the new singer Alessandro who came to sing for two weeks, staying up until before the morning in many days, it was really one of the most crazy period of our life. But in the end, we love the final result, and it was important for me to get it. For the composition I was working something like fifteen hours per day so I think I lost a lot of kilos (Laugh), a lot of health, looking the monitor all days but it was worth because we wanted this dead line to be respected and I wanted absolutely to have the album out before the summer, it was important. Because after the summer I really want to go on tour and to start this new adventure.

You said that you spent four, five months recording the album, but did you have any ideas, before or after the split, to start this new band?

Well I can tell you, it was a particular moment, we’ve speak already about the split, and it was beside but at the moment I didn’t know but, I could evolve to stop playing metal music in the sense that I had also possibilities to create a company for trailer music for the soundtracks. So I took the whole summer to think about what I wanted to do the rest of my life. And at the same time there was also the gift from my record company to create a band in the style of Avantasia but a little bit in my style of music, the cinematic way of composing. In the end I finally decided to go on as Rhapsody, agreeing everything with Alex in a friendly way, only three weeks or one month before giving the final news. So we had the news in August 2011, and I think that in July I still didn’t know what to do, and I told you so it was so much stress, it was so incredible… These moments of composition and production of the album… I really had to start from zero in September… (Laugh)
So that’s why I was working fifteen hours per day.

As you said, you wanted your band to sound cinematic, but have you ever think about composing an entire film score? Or trailer music like X-Ray Dog?

Yes of course, because you know I had the summer to create my trailer company, but in the end you know there were basically some problems… Calculating it with Nuclear Blast, I had total freedom, so absolutely I could compose whatever I want… and also considering a kind of fan base of Rhapsody that is really special, they’re very particular, not in the sense that they will be in dispositive metal, we will see fantastic things from the fans listening to our music, they are able to come from trash, they are able to live their metal life and it’s really amazing, and you cannot tempted your soul in this way…
So in the end, calculating it, putting these things on the table, I decided that it was better to go on with this new idea, the new Rhapsody band, an many people appreciated this… And of course the dream is still there, the one of writing soundtracks for a movie, and in a couple of situations I was closed to this, but I still have the freedom, I can do something like that because of the freedom Nuclear Blast is giving me for an album, and it is total! (Laugh)

I guess you’re a lucky one! (Laugh)
Well let’s talk a little about the album itself… What does the title “Ascending to Infinity” means to you? Does it represent something?

Yes of course… When I choose the title for an album, I always try to represent what it means, connecting the lyrics of the whole album or lyrics of the main songs in the album. So in this case, “Ascending to Infinity” represents the path of spiritual evolution, so ascending to infinity is the goal of our life when you’re born on this planet. And you start asking yourself “Why am I here?”, “Where do I go? “, “Where do I come? “, and so on…
And from these first questions you start asking to yourself other questions and it’s like a step for you to evolve, sometime you make three steps higher, then you go down two steps because there’s the instinct and there is a reason. And it’s something I speak about in a song like “Clash of the Titans”, the clash between our primal instinct, carried by our genetic, and the intellectual power of our mind, the reason thanks to which we can control the instinct and so going up and down from these steps, inspiring to this infinite. This is a little bit what every philosophy, what every religion speaks about in a spiritual way. I would say that it is a very clear title but already, a song like “Emerald Sword”, to name one of the most famous Rhapsody songs ever, if not the most famous, “Emerald Sword” at this time was explaining, representing the weapon that is a higher level of spirituality, it’s the weapon to achieve a higher level of spirituality.
So in some ways, after twenty years, I’m saying the same thing but in different words because for me it’s a kind of spiritual mission in some way, I try to make them analyze how much it’s incredible to wake up and to breathe on this planet, and every breath is a single miracle. Too many people live as if everything was normal, so every Rhapsody song is a kind of hymn to life I would say, it’s the right definition, and the songs of the new album follow the same way. I can write different lyrics, say different arguments but in the end the philosophical meaning of everything is here.
I devoted myself to this kind of message, as you probably know it but I was risking to die in 1993. I had a cancer and this cancer disappeared by a miracle the doctor was not able to explain… And for me, from this moment, I enjoy every single breath in life, and I know that all my problems now are not the same, so I try to give a positive energy in the music in a very humble way… When I compose my music I cry, I live it really in an emotional way but it’s very difficult to explain it… And you know that this emotion, this intensity composing music will be kept by some people on the other side of the wall, and from there you will take back their energy. This is also what I told you about the fan base of Rhapsody and it’s fantastic because there is this kind of spiritual relation between us and you.

And to express all this spirituality, you used heroic-fantasy on Rhapsody of Fire, but on this album you used many lyrical influences like Atlantis, Excalibur, Dante, Lucifer etc…
You explain “normal” things but with very various ideas, where do you get them?

Well you know, I’m really inspired by the movies of course. Not only for the music but also for the great images and it’s always a source of inspiration. I’m inspired by all the mysteries because, as I told you before, if everything is based on a spiritual evolution and you start asking yourself questions like “What do we do on this planet?”, “Why am I here?”, then of course you start enlightening all the mysteries, start exploring psychology, anthropology, how you are moving, how you are evolving, where we’re going…
And this is just amazing to discover the meanings of the Bible, the symbolism of many ancient scripts, and exploring… This is really something I love. I love everything about the mysteries of the planets, the enigma and all these things you know… The new discoveries, the quantum theory and it would be applicable in the future and what will be possible. There are four songs on this album, starting with the introduction “Quantum X”, then “Ascending to Infinity”, the title track, then “Dark Fate of Atlantis” and “Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer’s Fall” and this is a kind of mini-concept related to these four songs, speaking right about this, this kind of Stargate, this quantum theory, multiverses, parallel dimensions, passing through dimensions, and I’m really amazed by all this things, and finally now I can speak about this in the new Rhapsody and it’s just amazing because this is very close to me, to my heart and to my soul in someway…

Talking about quantum theory and things like that… The song “Quantum X” is the introduction of the album, but it seems to be also a king of trailer to your new universe. And your worked on it during five days, so why is this song so important for you?

Because in some way it represents the passage between the old Rhapsody and the new Rhapsody, and this is how I see it… Of course Alex will do one with his trademark, and this is my trademark in the sense that before it was a kind of composition, a way to compose this orchestral music, but in my case I really want to connect past, present and future.
And also thanks to the new quality of the sounds that I can use to compose, it’s possible, so for me “Quantum X” was really important because it’s really like you said, a gate of passage between the old Rhapsody and the new one and the connection between modern sounds and typical cinematic orchestral sounds. It’s important for me and I don’t know why, when I composed this, there were a lot of emotional sides, some magic that you can’t really explain so… Well I love to listen to it many times and I just enjoy it.

And there’s also something new with this band… This is the clip of “Dark Fate of Atlantis” which is really a killer one, so why didn’t you have this kind of clip with Rhapsody of Fire?

There is really a problem related to the videos… Honestly I don’t like it, one after one it was a little better but we spent a lot of money and we didn’t have a real control on the video, it was always made by other people. And of course when you have to make a video for a fantasy saga you can imagine that this can be very difficult… because or you can do things like “The Lord of the Rings” and it sounds great, or it’s better not to try to do anything (Laugh).
But we had to make videos so we tried to do something; we tried with the record company to make something… But I don’t like any of our old videos to be honest. So right now, starting with this new album, I really wanted to solve this problem and thanks to the fact that it doesn’t speak about a fantasy saga exclusively I can really think about different ideas, and now I work with this guy, Owe Lingvall who’s also the director of “The Great Pandemonium” of Kamelot, which is a video I love, and that’s why I contacted him.
And I would say that we really want now with this new band to present this new generation of visual impact as I told you before, so we’d like to say that now we have total control of this and so we can do what we really like from this point of view, not only for the music but also for the visual. And I think that for a band play cinematic music it’s really determining! (Laugh).
And now we are also working to bring this visual impact very particular also to the tour, to the shows.

Well can’t wait to see that…
Now let’s talk about the new singer Alessandro Conti, how did you have the idea to get him into the band and how did you meet him? Was it because of the Trick or Treat opening act on Helloween tour?

Well no… As I told you before, it was at this moment, when I didn’t know what to do during the summer, to go on with Rhapsody or to make this Avantasia thing… And I remember when I was thinking about this Avantasia style of project with different famous singers, I decided to search for one main singer… Of course I would have searched for famous singer also but I really wanted one main singer like Tobias Sammet for Avantasia.
And I remember that I was on tour with Rhapsody of Fire in spring 2011 and there was also Fabio close to me and when he knew I was searching to a new singer, a good singer like this, and as he’s Italian I had easiness to contact him… Well he told me about that guy called Alessandro Conti that he liked a lot and for sure I would like too because his voice really reminds the one of Michael Kiske when he was performing songs from Helloween’s “Keeper 1” and “Keeper 2” albums so I wanted to check, and it was really Fabio that gave me it’s name. So I checked and I loved immediately his timber but of course I also wanted to see if he’s able to sing in different ways and not only in his high timber which is already great. So I sent him a lot of song from different bands: Crimson Glory, Queensrÿche and also pop bands, I remember a song of Celine Dion, so a lot of different stuff, really to see what was his vocal possibility. And then he sent me back everything after three of four months and I was just amazed because he was able sing in different styles, as tenor and I was just amazed…
But at this moment I still didn’t know that he would be my Rhapsody singer because when I told him that I would like to work with him he was happy but he still didn’t know for what… So when we decided to go for the split with Alex and so on, it was three weeks or a month before giving the official news, I told Alessandro that he was the singer of the new Rhapsody so he was just crazy, amazed and happy I guess. (Laugh)

(Laugh) Yeah he told the same thing in an interview…And so has his wonderful voice opened new doors for you, have you composed the songs differently when you knew you will work with him?

Yes of course, when I told him that he was the singer of Rhapsody and he accepted, I immediately put down the notes to discover, isolate the path that I liked it most, and there were some paths that I liked less. And when I put all the parts I liked I really established the range where, in my opinion was really giving, expressing a great strength. And so I composed all the new songs of course basing myself on the possibilities of his voice. That’s why when he had time, he came into my home to try to sing the new songs and there’s only one song where I had to change the tonality because the rest was really perfect, so I made these little changes and the songs were already sounding fantastic when we went to the studio to record them properly… We stayed two weeks and it was one of the best moments of the production of course, when you hear the voice that you like on your songs, it’s just amazing.

And on the limited edition of “Ascending to Infinity” we have a Helloween cover song: “March of Time”. Alessandro is a Helloween fan, so was it because of it?

Well, when we met for the first time, Fabio let me know about Alessandro Conti, I discovered that he was playing different Helloween songs on Youtube and also some Trick or Treat songs and I was already able to understand his vocal possibility, those ranges very high… And so… Huumm… Oh sorry I don’t remember what you asked me (Laugh)

(Laugh) No, don’t worry it’s no problem! I just wanted to know you chose and Helloween cover song?

Oh yes ok… (Laugh). When I’ve heard the different version of the cover, I asked to Alessandro why there were so many songs about Helloween like this and he told me that in the beginning Trick or Treat, before writing their own songs, was a tribute band of Helloween. So he told me that for many many months, every week, he was performing the complete “Keeper 1” and “Keeper 2” albums on stage, so a real cover band of Helloween and this was amazing so I asked him to sing something for me between these two albums, and I sent him “March of Time” and a couple of other songs of Helloween from the keeper, and then he sent me the songs back and I could not believe how he was singing “March of Time” and I told him “Woaw! This is so amazing; we need it on the album as a bonus track”. And that was the idea, because he already sang it live but never recorded it in a great way, properly in a studio. So we did it and he felt very safe because he knew it perfectly, so many times he sang it on stage. And it’s really fantastic and it’s one of the best songs of the album because of course I like the opportunity to rearrange the songs in an orchestral way, and I think that this version is really amazing.

Talking about Alessandro’s voice, there is this song “Luna” which seems to be really influenced by jazz… Am I right about this?

Concerning “Luna”, you have to know that it is a cover from a song which is sang by Alessandro Safina… I don’t know if you know this name...

Well no… sorry…

At the beginning, “Luna” had to be a bonus track on the album. So we had two ones with “March of Time”. And this one is a cover of an opera pop song that was very famous in France something like seven or eight years ago, even ten years I would say.
And I listened to it for the first time in France because in Italy it was not that famous, even if the song was in Italian... and it’s something very strange because in France it was famous, I had the CD and I was in love, and also Alex at the time of Rhapsody of Fire, we were totally in love with this music. And when I discovered that Alessandro had this incredible talent because of his studies in the school of Pavarotti as the role of first tenor and I proposed him “What about “Luna”?”. This was also another song that I sent to him to check his voice in the beginning, so when he sent it back to me it was really beautiful and I said “Yes Yes, we also want to have it”, but it was supposed to be a bonus track as I told you.
The fact is that, as I told you, the production was an incredible effort; we spent three nights without sleeping, and so we kept the song. And there was also a song that was supposed to be on the album and it was called “Fantasia Gotica” and in the beginning people expected this song on the album because I announced it in the track listing but there was few time to mix as I told you, so we exchange and we put “Luna” from the bonus track to the album itself, as a normal song. And we kept this “Fantasia Gotica” that still has to be mixed and that we will release for free in September or October to announce our tour and to give a free gift to our fans. So this “Fantasia Gotica” will be released for free and we’ve kept “Luna” on the album and I think it’s another one of these songs that really shows its potential which is really infinite.

Hey thanks for the news! We’ll wait for it!!
And what about the song “Excalibur”? We can hear mid-tempo, speed tempo, lyrical parts… Well: a blast. What does this song means to you? This melt of everything?

Yes there is a lot of different stuff in it, and it’s also the song that remember the most the old Rhapsody in someway because there are these typical elements that I loved to compose for Rhapsody of Fire together with Alex, you know, this kind of “Renaissance” part.
I really wanted to have a song like this because it’s a kind of trademark of Rhapsody, and so I put this song “Excalibur” but the meaning is not really related to the “King Arthur” saga, but is more about the meaning, the spirit of this incredible weapon, and the meaning that was given to it through the ages.
So this “Excalibur” is another kind of “Emerald Song”, a kind of weapon to leave for a higher level of spirituality as I told you before. Yes so it’s more about this spiritual meaning, and to represent it I really like to combine all these elements, and it’s one of the songs that I prefer, that I love because it reminds me all this kind of historical movies that I like, so it’s really one of my favorite.

Well that was one of the questions I’d like to ask you, but now I got the answer… (Laugh)
And we can also hear some Arabian sounds of “Quantum X” or “Dark Fate of Atlantis”, so what do you love in these sounds?

Sorry I didn’t hear the last part of the question…

Oh sorry, this might be my cell phone…

(Laugh) Yes but this can be mine too you know…

Ah… damned things… Well just wanted to know what do you love in these Arabian sounds and in what way has it influenced you?

I got to say that for me, all these kind of typical ethnic sounds that we have from these chants, from the desert and in this case in “Atlantis”, these chants from Israel, this kind of ethnic voice really brings me, as I told you, to this ancient dimension, full of legends, of mysteries, really related to the mysteries of the planet, maybe there is the connection with the aliens or whatever…
And these kinds of chants really have inside this incredible energy, this mystery. So I’ve loved to add it on the typical music of Rhapsody, for me it’s a kind of great addendum, a great addition that gives much more atmosphere.

And you seem to have a lot of ideas related to this kind of philosophy about planets, mysteries and things like that… Will you start a new saga about this or make just concept albums as you did in your solo carrier?

According to me, there will never be concept albums anymore I think… Of course you can never say never, but at this moment, absolutely not, especially now that I have stopped a complete saga after ten albums. But of course for example it can be the connection of some songs in the same album, as I told you before, these three songs, but for me it’s “Ascending”, “Atlantis” and “Michael” which are connected on this album, so this can be maybe some possible evolution on the next album about the same mini concept, but that’s the maximum I can do because I don’t want to have a complete album on one subject only, because I did it so much in the past. And as I told you it’s so great for me to be able to speak about different things in every song.

As you said, your solo carrier is over now, so now can you give us the name of the singer in the “Dreamquest” album?

Unluckily I can’t tell you… Due to legal problems you know… (Laugh)
If I’m lucky, maybe one day there will be a possibility to come out with a “Dreamquest” album but I’m not sure right now because you know, the legal thing can last for years and years you know… (Laugh)

(Laugh) Well no problem Luca…
And since 2010 we had “The Frozen Tears of Angels”, “From Chaos to Eternity” and now “Ascending to Infinity”… Has your imagination a limit?

Well you now I love these kind of words, ”Eternity”, “Infinity” because they express the same will to discover everything about the mysteries in life. So “Eternity”, “Infinity” is a concept that we are not able to understand completely with our brain but they are fundamental for our imaginary because the artists, the philosophers, whoever the people who like this kind of stuff live for that kind of goal, the eternity, the infinity, the expansion of the universe. These are really things that make you crazy but most of the religions or philosophers base themselves about it.

Well I’m so glad to hear these kinds of things, infinity, eternity, and quantum and string theory and stuff like that…

Really? This is great my friend! (Laugh) Awesome!

Thank you! (Laugh)
Just to go back to one thing you said. You talked about Avantasia, so what do you think about this project and would you like to be part of it if it goes on?

Well no… I mean I like that Tobias Sammet was able to realize but it’s not really my style of music to be honest… But of course the people he was able to put together is something fantastic because it’s very difficult, nobody would have ever bet something at the beginning but Tobias demonstrated that he had fantastic ideas and he is a great singer of course.
But personally I wouldn’t be part of it because… I mean if I would have done this, I would have done it in a little different way, having this fundamental cinematic component on the whole concept… And of course if I didn’t go on with Rhapsody I would have dedicated myself to this kind of project, and this would have been interesting.
But me, I don’t like to be part of this other things… When I contacted my singer, I told him that he has his freedom with Trick or Treat because they are his friends, from the time of school, but I asked him “Please, don’t take part of other projects”, because for me it’s really important. I’m a little bit old school, but it’s very important to keep the identity of the band very strong, so for example when Fabio went to play with Kamelot it was a little bit strange for me and for Alex but it was ok, but if it’s really not necessary I always prefer to not allowed these kind of things… For example I played in my life one solo for Kamelot and maybe a solo for friends in a French band Dyslesia, many years ago. But after this I decided not to do this thing anymore… if people want to listen to me, then they should listen to my products… As I said, I don’t want Alessandro to start singing on projects or things like that. But the great thing is that Alessandro thinks the same thing than me, so there is absolutely no problem, and also because of the record company it’s a very important thing.

Well noted! And so what are the future plans for the band? You told me that you’ll go on tour in autumn and now you’re promoting the album. When will you start touring? What about the schedule and the organization?

Now I can tell you that in some days, I will see the plans, so I’ll have this kind of plan I will know more… But for sure it’s a kind of tour that will start around November… I don’t know from where exactly yet (Laugh).
No usually we always make about four or five warm up shows and after that we start the first important dates like in France or other countries. But for sure we’ll be on tour in November or December in Europe, and then in January and February in the rest of the world. So for sure we’ll do the greatest tour ever for Rhapsody…

Well I’m going to thank you Luca, we’re reaching the end of the interview, so… “Grazie mille” in Italian…

Hey! Grazie mille, bravisimo (Laugh)

(Laugh) Sorry I’m Spanish, I don’t speak Italian…

(Laugh) You did it well!

Thank you… So I’m gonna leave you the final words if you’d like to say something to the French fans…

You know, France represent to us an incredible country you know… I lived a part of my time in this wonderful country, and we’re really amazed by the way that our French fans are welcoming us… After all the problems, when people though Rhapsody was dead, and that it was not possible for us to play, we came back and everybody was there for us and it was just amazing so it’s great to know that you like this kind of music and I hope you will be able to get the same emotion that we put on the album.
And it’s the moment when you know this and you are face to face, we’re on the stage and the people are down and it’s the moment the most amazing that we’re waiting since a lot of time.
Too much time have passed from the last spring of 2011 where it was just amazing, it was one of the best crowd of the tour and so it will be a real pleasure to give emotions and to receive emotions from you.

Yeah so I can’t wait to see you on stage again…
Well Luca I wish you a good evening, thank you so much for your time, you’re really an idol for me, and you’re the best guitarist ever, so really thank you for this moment.

Have a good night my friend, and thank you…

Have a nice evening too, all the best and see you soon!

Absolutely! Thank you! Ciao!

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