EVERGREY (English Version - 2016) - Jonas Ekdahl (Drums)

What can you tell me about the title of the album ?

Jonas : The Story Within is actually a love album, you can call it like that so itís a person left by the person he loves, theyíre breaking up and the album is about the main character. How he cops with everything that comes with been left by someone. All the emotions, how you react and how you have to move on and all the feelings you have. The frustration and all that stuff. And the way that you have no choice, you canít stay on past you have to look at the future. Basically thatís the Story Within. All that.

And the cover of the album, is it important for you ?

Yeah, I think that even if you donít buy a lot of physical album it still let you see something. You have something to look at while you listen to the music. You can relate more with the music when you see the cover. You can see the story, the emotions passing by the song. You can imagine easier when you look at the cover. You can be lost somewhere with those elements.

So youíve been through a lot of change in your line up last years.. all is on a good way now ?

Yes ! Yes ! Everything feels great. We are more mature, we look out for each other in another way that we did before, we show more love to each other than we ever done. Everything is just so much more positive now, since we cleared everything. We are in a better way right now, thatís fine !

What about the video clip ?

We have already recorded 3 videos. So, itís going to be release on July 27. Patrick and Tom have been driving to Island for 3000 km just filming stuff and driving so we have a lot of things for the videos, itís going to be amazing! Iíve seen some stuff and itís amazing. Itís look so unreal, you know, the world canít be like that ! Amazing !

Have you all worked together for this album ?

Me and Tom I think that we made the main part of this album, but the other guys add a lot of good ideas too. So they put their touch on it. So everybody is just important as the other. But for the lyrics of the songs itís me and Tom but everybody contributes, they come in with fresh airs so itís super important to have them close and work with them, they always do amazing job to do the best with EVERGREY. We work hard and I think you can hear it on the album !

What was the most difficult in this album ?

I think itís the time. To have the time, basically. Been in a band takes so much of your time and your energy, power. You are in a music bubble and sometimes you have to get out of this bubble to be a father, a boyfriend. Live your regular life. I have a girlfriend and I have a job so sometime you have to combine those 3 parts of you. We are super stressed but in the same time thatís the way we have to work to have this quality of work, I donít know. Well we spent really good time recording, writing, we tried a new process of song writing this time. We learn a new lesson and go for it. Was really exciting!

The project of an acoustic album is always present in your minds ?

It is something that we really want to do and I think weíre going to do but I donít know when. We will make this on the right time, we have to feel like ok now itís the time, we have to do it. But itís definitely something that will happened. We love plays acoustic shows and translate our music to acoustic versions because it fit really good. So It would be really cool to do an acoustic album someday. We just need to find the right time ! Time again !

So youíre going to do some concerts in France, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Lille with DELAIN and KORBA AND THE LOTUS in October/November. Have you already meet them ?

No, I never meet them ! Iíve heard them, I think itís going to be a great tour, a great package and I canít wait ! It will be a long tour but I think thatís a great opportunity for us to get new fans and spread of fan base !

So no surprises with Delain for any duet ?

I donít know, we havenít talk about it, I donít think so.. But it could be great !

And it will be the first metal concert at the ELYSEE MONTMARTRE since he burns..

Oh really ! Thatís really cool ! What an honor ! We have to be great but not too much to not burn it again !

This is the end of the interview, I let you finish with some words for fans and readers maybeÖ

Well first thank you for taking the time for this interview, and for the fans and readers I really hope to see you in October and November in France ! Thanks !
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