EVIL MASQUERADE (English Version - 2016) - Henrik Flyman (Guitar)

As is customary every release of a new album of Evil Masquerade , we contact Henrik Flyman who always answers us as gently despite a busy schedule that in fact take some delay in its response . But we are finally here and thank you for that.

Hello and first of all thank you again for this interview

Howdy.I'm more than happy to do it.

For starters , how are you ??
I'm better than in a long time and in perfect harmony with my own existence.

First question that's happened with Tobias who is no longer in the group after only one album?
When I invited him to the band, it was for more than one album. Unfortunately it didn't work out.

When and why did you decided to do this new album with different singer ?
It felt like the unpredictable Evil Masquerade thing to do. When I realized that all the singers I asked were up for the task to record the album, I thought why not have them all instead of just one. The idea felt inspiring and fresh. That's why we waited with announcing our new permanent singer till after the release and the first show.

It is a real pleasure to find Apollo but why is not he back in the band?
Apollo and I have never lost contact and I consider him a good friend. After the 'Pentagram' album it felt like it was best for us to continue with another singer because Apollo had lots of private stuff going on at the time. He agreed and we took it from there. Last year when he heard that we were looking around for a new vocalist we started talking and we both thought it would be cool working together again. Especially when the multi-singer-idea became reality. But for the permanent singer I felt more comfortable going in another direction.

Only 8 titles you had accustomed us to more ! Is what remains of the titles you were not fully satisfied , or is it a desire to leave?
It's true that it's only 8 tracks on the album. But since the last track on the album is 12 minutes long it doesn't make this album any shorter than any of our previous releases. It just felt right to include a really majestic composition this time to allow ourselves to go deeper with the music than we have done before.

You took a title Imperiet group that did not last very long (1983-1988) what is the reason for this , which I must admit sticks very well to the group's universe !!
Not quite right. This song was written over 200 years ago by the very famous Swedish poet and troubadour Carl Michael Bellman. Several artists have done their versions of it, but I have never heard a great rock version. And since I really like the tune it felt like a nice challenge to come up with a very personal interpretation of this old classic.

It seems that the securities be heavier this time, frustration eliminate ??
That might be. I only write what feels right. This felt like the very honest direction to be heading.

Musically you seems less dark than your words
It's all about nuances. Darkness cannot be seen without light.

It also seems that you are you closer to your old work , I 've been thinking about Third Act
That must be incidental since it wasn't planned. But I guess, after more than 20 years as a song writer, people start to get familiar with the musical palette and it becomes easier to start associating bits and pieces to different eras. I think that's pretty cool.

At your chance this time to see you in concert in France ! ??
I hope so. For the last several years we never even contacted French clubs because of poor interest in our early years. But maybe you're right. Maybe we should give it another try. I will definitely consider it.

This is the end of our interview, as you know it is for you to enter !!
Even though I have said it many times, it is well-worth repeating. Thank you everyone for keeping the band alive and growing. Clearly we have some pretty cool and supportive fans. Almost every week I hear about yet another band that falls apart because they can't find any more meaning to continue making more music or playing live. For us it's the other way around. More and more people are teaming up with us and that feels pretty damn cool in this time and age.
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