PYRAMAZE (2017 - English Version) - Jonah Weingarten (Keyboards)

Hello. First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer to our questions.

Of course, it is my sincere pleasure!

So, how do you feel know, thinking that your fifth and brand new album is now made and released ?

I think I speak for all of us in Pyramaze when I say that we are extremely proud of how far we have come, but more importantly honored by the positive reactions and support of our loyal fans. We have a rich and long history and have had the privilege of working with some fantastic singers along the way! I think releasing a fifth album is a big milestone of sorts, and it fills me with positive energy to be able to share this much of myself with the good people of this world.

Into my opinion, Contingent is certainly the best album you ever made. I’ve found it is everything that made your sound and what made what the band is, but in a way more mature way.

Im so happy to hear you say this, because I feel the same way. I think we continue to grow and mature and that is evident with each record that we make. I think (and hope) that our next record will be even better. It is certainly the culmination of our newer line-up and a natural progression from our last album, Disciples of the Sun.

Can you please, give us more information about the concept of this album ?

It's really more of a conceptual album, then a concept album per se. And by this I mean that the storyline or themes from each individual song don't necessarily directly correlate to each other. The songs "20 Second Century" and "Heir Apparent" are the only two lyrical songs that relate to each other, and then of course my two instrumental tracks are a part one and part two affair. The general theme of the album however is a post apocalyptic environment in which humanity must come together and overcome that which we inherently destroy through our own human nature as it were. It is a call to arms in a metaphorical sense, or a summoning of the good qualities and brotherhood that bind us and make us human.

After a moment / time of « trouble » (if I can use this word), with Contingent you are proving that you’re back in the loop. But we are wondering if all these « troubles » are gone and if the machine is now back on tracks?

I understand what you mean, and I can say yes for certain that we are once again a cohesive unit. We are actually already discussing the creation of songs for our next (#6) album and the possibility of playing some more shows and festivals. The best part of all of this for us is that we are all such great friends and brothers and that we have a shared vision! I believe in my heart that the future is bright for Pyramaze, and it is our intention to make the very best music possible for our fans forever and always.

I also found that Terje Haroy is more confident, more at ease. He definitely find its marks within the band now. Isn’t it?!

Its not easy being the new guy and filling the shoes of Matt Barlow and Lance King, but Terje really has come into his own and shown the world what he is made of... Metal! The thing I love the most about Terje's voice is the rich and bluesy quality of it, mixed with pure power! Now that we have two albums in the bag with Terje I would say he feels even more like part of the family moving forward and a platform with which to build upon.

What is coming in the future for Pyramaze now? I mean, any plans of touring, playing in festivals etc. ?

Well, for starters we are playing Prog Power Europe 2017 in the Netherlands this October! We are really looking forward to this show and of course to meet all of our European fans who didn't get to see us when we played Prog Power USA last September. In addition to that we are always open to the possibility of getting out there and playing more shows and festivals. We also have some pretty ambitious plans for our next album that we are very excited about and are going to start working on that this summer.

What do you think about the french market / french metal fan base?

I simply love our fans in France and have really enjoyed the positive reaction we get in your neck of the woods. We haven't played there since 2004 but are hoping to come back and rock as soon as possible.

This is the end of the interview, feel free to say some words to our readers. Best!

I mainly just want to say thank you and to express my deepest gratitude towards all of you for listening to Pyramaze, buying our records, and for spreading the word about who we are and what we do. Contingent comes out this Friday, April 28th on Inner-Wound Recordings, and I really look forward to this moment. Check us out at and be sure to give a "like" to our Facebook page!

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