ROYAL REPUBLIC (English Version - 2016) - Adam Grahn (Vocals - Guitars)

How do you feel about all of this, promotion, be in france ?

Adam :
Excited actually because we are extremely proud of this album and I canít wait to spread the word and tell people and hopefully they will listen to us! Doing promotion right now is a lot of fun actually and thatís not very common, I enjoy this !

So itís your third album, have you proceed like for the others for this album, I mean about production and all of it ?

Adam :
Itís been a hard and long road making this album. It was actually painful, there were a lot of sleepless time and crying, screaming and yelling and anxiety all over the place but we wanted to make sure that this album was the best we ever put out and thatís a clichť everyone said but we really really wanted to be sure of this. This is the essence of what is Royal Republic and what we have with WM is probably the RR album sounds the most like RR so far. I will probably say the same thing on the next album but letís focus on this album now. But It was hard but thatís a good thing. And then when we went to Berlin to reordered it for like 3 months which was cool, Berlin is a nice city to stay and thereís a lot of stuff going on, a lot of weird and awesome people so itís very inspiring, but after a while you know a studio is just a studio. First time you get in youíre like wooooow but after itís just a studio where you make music. You just always have some up and down during recording and we just are like that because we all care about the album and the band. You know I think that the men whoís just stop caring is when everything itís over.

Why have you called this album ďWeekend-ManĒ ?

Adam :
All you usually do when you record an album, is you just go through a list of songs and you see if thereís a song who fit as an album title as well. We went through a couple of options, WM was the one that stud out and also we had this vision of a weird dude living in the wood, living inside of you like wherever he go itís always the weekend and he tells you the things you have to do, not necessarily things you should do so thatís the WM and we were very keen on making this an entire entity like the music on the album we wanted to represent it on the cover that was a big deal for us this time. Because in the past it was like ok the album is done letís just put something on the cover and itís over. So we learn our lessons and this time we do it and I think all the cover just represent the album very well.

Who write and compose the songs ?

Adam :
We write together most of the time. Weíre not the kind of group who spent time, take a beer and create magic, write songs that will live forever, I wish we were like this kind of bands because it sound fucking awesome ! Like Rolling stone, they just rent a house for a week and wrote all this super songs. Doesnít works like that for us. We write separately or in pairs. We come up with an idea and we record it and then we send it out and if people said itís great letís keep it on work on it! Or worst case people donít like it and you let it go and move on with your life, looks for the next baby riff ! (laugh)

Whatís the main theme of the album ? Your inspirations ?

Adam :
Musically Itís all over the place, we listen to music, everything from death metal to pop stuff. So weíre not like stoking in a gender. But also we inspired ourselves, because we wanted to make sure that in this album there were the best of RR so, we listen back quite a lot to our previous album and tried to figure out what is the essence of RR. Like which song we are more comfortable with, which song feels the most like us. And we tried to take the best of everything and do it into something new without getting stock in a routine. I mean, yes it was all our inspiration, RR, the music we listen and life generally, I mean, having a beer with your friends on a Friday night, having a huge fight with your wife, your mom, thatís inspiration as well. You will not appreciate but thatís going on, like give it to me this is good stuff ! But one day or another itís comes up and make a song or worst case a divorce !

First extract ďWhen I see you dance with anotherĒ, why this song ? Itís like ďboom weíre backĒ?

Adam :
That was pretty much it ! That was the point we wanted across, we are back and we are super confidant and we are in a good mood, and this was the perfect track to represent and show people what this new album is going to be all about, the essence of RR because itís pretty much what it is. I remember that when this song was finished we were all like ok this is going to be the center of this piece ! Everything just follow from this song. So I guess thatís why that we release this song first. Itís the chore of the album in many ways. I donít say itís the most important song or the best song, I donít have preference myself but it represents this album in a good way.

Then ďBabyĒ this song and the video clip is totally crazy.. thatís something you are, like, to be a little bit crazy ?

Adam :
Well, yes itís a little bit crazy, it just happened naturally, this is what comes out when you compose music, when you come up with an idea for music videos. And baby was one of those songs, I mean, we were at the studio for like 6 hours and nothing decent came out. So, we said, letís drink a beer or two and then when we come back we donít leave this place until we have at least one song even if itís shitty or great doesnít matter we have to do something. So when we came back 2 or 3 hours after we had Baby finished. It turn up very well and all the video idea was just like seems like a good idea, roller ok letís do this, and when we got this roller, we said like hey letís dance on this, we never do that but letís learn it in three days ! So, we made it, and we are really happy about it.

And finally ďUh huhĒ which can be like a backstage clip ?

Adam :
Itís all about the energy. All we wanted to do is capture some of the vibes playing on our shows. Most of the time itís all good times. People want to see whatís going on backstage, Iím the same way. I would like to go backstage at the Bob Dylan shows and see whatís going on. Iím sure it would be very exciting and what we made this is one way of doing it. So it was an obvious idea for a video for this particular song.

Why not to release the eponym song ďWeekend-manĒ first ?

Adam :
Yes, why not.. like I said ďWhen I see you Dance with anotherĒ is the chore of the album. Weekend-man is awesome but itís slower, heavier, still as much RR but WISYDWA represent the band in a better way if someone ask me what is RR I will say this is it. But it would be a cool single. Who knows, it will be more single !

I have seen on Fb and Internet that youíve got a French community of fans, are you happy about it ?

Adam :
We are extremely proud of everything we have accomplish. Fans clubs itís just an huge honor, people appreciate what weíre doing and we are really happy about it so itís awesome, itís great !

Are you excited to play at the ďrock en seineĒ ?

Adam : No. Not really. No obviously we are super excited !! We heard about great stuff of the festival so it will be great and fun and itís been way too long since we play in France, I think last time was in 2014, so far. So we canít wait to come back and for the tour in 2017 we will be in France no doubt because itís been too long and we miss people.

So thanks, this is the end, so I let you finish this interview and maybe say something to readers of sdm and your french fans !

Adam :
Un croissant pour la petite dťjeuner ! (laugh) Well, our songs are awesome. Canít wait to come back, itís been too long and we are thankful for everything. Sorry for our absence, itís not cool but itís not our fault. All is about logistical reasons thatís we donít even know about it. But weíll be back as soon as possible !
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